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1 Hi, I’m Alex. What? 26 He
2 My sister 27 Alice isn’t here today. Shebe sick.
3 Wherefrom? 28 The president of America lives in the White House,is in Washington.
4 That isinteresting book. 29 Howhave you been studying English.
5 a car? 30 Jerusalem is one of thecities in the world.
6 My parentsat 8 o’clock. 31 I’ve always beenfashion.
7 John likesfootball. 32 I would
8 In summer I often gobeach. 33 You can only takeonto an aeroplane.
9 He has 34 A: I used to live in Tokyo.
B: Really!?
10 They haven’t gotmoney. 35 We hadwonderful holiday.
11 Sam 36 This songmy first boyfriend.
12 My brother isyours. 37 A new car parkin the town centre.
13 Last year my uncleto America. 38 By 10 o’clock tonight Iin Paris.
14 I come to schoolbus. 39 She asked me when
15 One day Jane would like 40 They suggestedthe historic centre.
16 You don’t need an umbrella. It 41 Unfortunately, by the time I got home the
17 On Friday Ilunch with Katie. 42 He bought a new car,he hasn’t passed his test yet.
18 Ito work tomorrow. It’s Sunday. 43 When I started my job I had to get used toin an office.
19 Whenyour best friend? 44 I need tomy motorbike fixed.
20 I didn’t dolast night. 45 You can borrow my car,you promise to drive slowly.
21 I ran to the stationthe 7 o’clock train. 46 An importanthas been found by the police.
22 The phone rang while Ia shower. 47 They got to the airport on time,the traffic.
23 If Ia million Euros, I would buy a Ferrari. 48 He had never used a computer before, so he
felt completely out of his
24 She asked metell Paul 49 I wish Imore free time.
25 I’ve been living herethirty years. 50 You can always rely on Sally. She’ll never

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